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Dialect football3 toolkit

In the context of the DIALECT – Disrupting Polarisation: Building Communities of Tolerance Through Football – project seven organisations from five countries have teamed up to build more inclusive communities across Europe using football as a tool.

The DIALECT toolkit is the result of this collaboration and has been realised with funds from the European Commission. It is addressed to non-profit organisations, schools, sport clubs and neighbourhood clubs, who wish to use football as a tool to combat racism, xenophobia and exclusion by training trainers and mediators in the football3 methodology.


The publication is based on a study on racism, populism and hate speech in the four countries of project implementation: Greece, Hungary, Italy and Serbia. It complements the existing publications on football3 – the football3 handbook and trainer manual, which can be found at www.football3.info – by pointing out how to use football3 specifically to foster key life skills and address social topics that are crucial for creating communities of tolerance and belonging.


Find the TOOLKIT here