Dialect News

Playing football3 in Serbia

This summer we spent on playing football3. More than hundred youngsters have been playing football3 in Belgrade since June, as a part of the Dialect project. Football Friends started a football3 season on 15 June, when an exhibition match for parents was organised. This event was a great opportunity for parents to get acquainted with the project and football3, as a tool that connects the development of fair play, acceptance and tolerance with playing football, which their children especially enjoy. After the Exhibition match, 10 introductory sessions were organised, so all of the participants got familiar with football3 methodology. Sessions were held on two locations – on the playground of local primary school and on the court of a public resort. With the help of the mediators, players developed various social skills, but also great friendships.

“I like to play football, but what I really enjoyed during these sessions was the discussion about the rules and points and the feeling of respect that I don’t experience very often when I play football with my peers.“ – Marko, 13

Beside those introductory sessions, Football friends started with the local tournament sessions which final round will be organised in November.