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Activities / Results



Focus groups with educational authorities and local stakeholders of the school community, in order to document the policy context around racism in schools and the way that the existing physical education curriculum promotes tolerance, fighting racism and intersectional stereotypes. Additionally, to identify relevant day-to-day challenges faced by physical educators and schools’ directors concerning racism and discrimination in the school environment, and ways employed so far for handling cases.

Training workshops in 4 areas of Greece, which are characterized by enhanced poverty and unemployment, weak social networks, relative lack of opportunity structures, increased voting rates in favor of political extremist and populist parties, incidents of racism and intolerance, high percentages of migrant populations. The training workshops will focus on inclusive education for understanding own intersectional stereotypes and bias as well as reproduction of intersectional stereotypes through physical education; and will present practical exercises playing football3.

School Week & local football3 tournament involving the schools football3 teams in all 4 intervention areas in Greece, addressed to parents, community members, local authorities and educational authorities.