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DIALECT 2 Project


DIALECT 2 “Combating youth raDIcalizAtion: Building communities of toLEranCe combining fooTball with media and digital literacy” (funded by the Erasmus+ Sports programme of the European Commission) sets its basis on DIALECT “Disrupting polarIsAtion: buiLding communitiEs of toleranCe through football” project (co-funded by the European Union's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)), which was realized the previous years. DIALECT 2 sets off from a ready basis of adolescents, to whom was cultivated the importance of acceptance and solidarity, through football.

DIALECT 2 goes further, having a twofold aim, combining the power of sports and football in specific, with media literacy. With the proliferation of mass media and social media information nowadays, a pursue to raise the critical thinking and self-determination of adolescents, whose identity construction is overlapping between offline and online interactions, seems more needed than ever. An aspect that was particularly raised during the pandemic as well.

Taken into consideration the media coverage of sports that can fuel youth radicalization, the above looks imperative. Therefore, educating youth on how to evaluate and understand where mass media and social media information is coming from, has become important since it’s a source of addressing violent extremist agendas, spreading divisive propaganda and drawing in sympathizers and new recruits.

Within the framework of the project aim is to train adolescents, football3 mediators and trainers in related areas, so that youngsters could take informed decisions, breaking existing stereotypes (female and disabled athletes) and racial discrimination (under-representing ethnic minorities) and responding to societal challengers, countering intolerant beliefs and attitudes both inside and outside the football court. In the long-term, those informed adolescents will act as agents of change addressing manifestations of racism and xenophobia at community level, promoting their resilience.

DIALECT 2 aims to enhance, through specific activities:
• the critical thinking and resilience of adolescents to extremist values and
• the capacities of mediators & trainers (sports professionals, coaches, CSOs) on building media and digital literacy skills of adolescents through football3.

DIALECT 2 in numbers:
160 adolescents 12-18 years old;
20-28 football3 mediators & trainers;
9-12 football academies;
100 stakeholders in the field of youth and sports at EU level.

DIALECT 2 is funded by the Erasmus+ Sports programme of the European Commission. It is being implemented in Greece by ActionAid, the National Center of Social Research (EKKE) and Panhellenic Association of Paid Female Football Players (PSAP), in Italy by ActionAid, in Hungary by Oltalom Sportegyesulet, in Serbia by Football Friends, in Germany by Common Goal and in Norway by Norsensus Mediaforum.



Create collaborations

by bringing together adolescents of migrant and non-migrant background, CSO's, Sports Associations, Municipal and Public Authorities and Youth Leaders.


Enhance Capacities

of mediators & trainers (sports professionals, coaches, CSOs) on building media and digital literacy skills of adolescents through football3.


Invest on the critical thinking

of adolescents, who will be able to understand and be resilient to extremist ideas.


Build resilient communities

on the values of equality, active citizenship and solidarity, promoting powerful networks with adolescents acting as agents of change.

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What makes us different?

Adolescents, CSO's, Sports Associations, Municipal and Public Authorities, Youth leaders and members of the general public will be involved.
These groups of people will cooperate on the common ground of promoting the messages of solidarity, the need for understanding and  the importance of  combating intolerance and xenophobia.




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