Dialect News

Capacity building activities in 4 EU countries

During April, all capacity building activities taken place in Greece, Hungary, Serbia and Italy were completed. In total, 8 training seminars addressed to football coaches and mediators & 4 training seminars addressed to civil servants were organized. Key stakeholders have been assembled and equipped with differentiated capacities and skills, in order to prevent and combat the spread of intolerance, with a focus on xenophobia, through football.


24 coaches and 51 mediators, both adults and adolescents, from all 4 countries, had the opportunity to be trained on football3 methodology, to discuss on fair play and identify the context, needs, challenges and possible solutions for their communities. During seminars, the coaches and mediators who will soon implement trainings, matches and tournaments, had the chance to meet each other and explore ways to successfully implement football3 methodology to youngsters.


As far as the capacity building activities addressed to civil servants are concerned, 39 representatives from local and public authorities participated in total. Through these encounters, opportunities for networking among local authorities were developed and existing cooperation was strengthened.

These agents of change are now ready to promote a shared understanding on preventing intolerance at community level. The capacity building actions have set the grounds for the implementation phase and the creation of impact in the targeted communities.