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Dialect News

During June, the National Centre of Social Research (ΕΚΚΕ) together with ActionAid Hellas and with the support of Melissa Network of Migrant Women in Greece, organized the focus groups in Athens.

Within the framework of Dialect project, discussions and interviews took place regarding the perceptions towards football.

One of the groups was with representatives of public and municipal authorities, football experts, NGOs and CSO’s staff. According to one of them “in football but also in sports in general, there is a sense of unity“. In Greek society and internationally, football is traditionally the most beloved and most popular sport, it promotes unity, respect and solidarity and children are not divided, on the basis of their economic status or social class. “Everyone becomes ‘one’ in order to enjoy their favorite sport“. In the same mood another one noted that “it (football) gets them one ‘desire’, one aspiration … to succeed, one endeavor to do… to play“.

Focus groups with parents were also organised, while parallel to this & face – to- face interviews with migrant and non-migrant adolescents took place. Our aim was to underline the main opinions towards football. “All football matches should be like a friendly match. There should be competition and hard work but not violence. Violence offends sport and the fans” and “I’ve friends at school and also at the platia close to my house. We play football 2-3 times per week. We don’t go at the same school; we are not from the same country, but we meet and play. It is fun!” were some of the things youngsters told us.

What we noticed?

Football brings on a feeling of belonging and happiness in achieving goals. It includes many adolescents that feel excluded in their school environment or neighborhood, due to their nationality or socio-economic status.


Dialect News

During June Football Friends organized 5 focus group meetings, on the research framework, with relevant research participants who shared their knowledge and experience which helped us make a clear image of the situation in Serbia. A total of 24 participants participated in meetings – 12 were parents of adolescents, and the rest were representatives of local authorities and civil society organizations. Football Friends gathered members of various CSOs who are involved in either sport or migration topic – Refugees Foundation, Refugees Aid Serbia, Erasmus Student Network BelUPgrade, Sports association of the Faculty of Philosophy, but also members of state institutions dealing with sports activities and youth education.

Beside focus group meetings, Football Friends held 20 deep interviews with adolescents, 10 of them were boys and girls of Serbian nationality, and 10 of them were young Afghans, who are settled in Asylum center Krnjaca, Belgrade. Some of the interviewees have already been familiar with football3 and they have participated in tournaments organized by Football friends. The rest of them were introduced with it by interviewers.

All of them expressed their wish to be part of the next activities, as they enjoy playing football and making new friendships through the game.

Photo: © Football Friends


Dialect News
All partners involved in the project had the chance to meet during January 2020 in the headquarters of ActionAid Hellas in Greece. There, it was feasible to discuss face to face all relevant topics such as the management, development and implementation, communication and challenges of launching the project.

What was jointly agreed was the belief that football can bring a huge difference in communities and young people. Acting as a strong motive football and sports in total allure youngsters and help them get involved. 

With the moto “Football for ALL” the partners completed the 2-day meeting in Greece, positive that their vision for tolerant and societies of solidarity is possible.

Stay tuned!