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Dialect 3 News

During January 2023, the first meeting of DIALECT 3 “ADdressIng intersectionAL stEreotypes, building sChool communities of Tolerance through physical education”, was realised in Athens.

The three partners (ActionAid, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, National Centre for Social Research) had the chance to discuss the project during their 2-day meeting in ActionAid’s Community Centre in Athens.

The meeting gave the chance to the team to see in detail DIALECT 3’s activities and organize the next steps towards the 4 areas in Greece to be involved.

Stay tuned!


Dialect 2 News

During the last months DIALECT 2’s team has been working on the creation of the project’s toolkit.

Upon its completion the toolkit will provide an in depth understanding of the the role and functions of media in democratic societies, with a focus on the case of sports.

Its use will help trainees have a critical approach and evaluation on the media content, in the light of media functions, with a focus on sports news and will help participants gain insights on the internet opportunities and challenges in relation to values and stereotypes and the use of new media (social) and content creation tools and methods to produce user-generated media content.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months!