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Dialect 2 News

Football Friends organized another amazing event to celebrate the successful completion of the pilot phase of Project Dialect 2. As a big finale, we hosted a memorable day filled with inspiring messages and football3. Our partner, Primary School Dragojlo Dudic, kindly hosted the event on Friday, April 5th, titled “Let’s Win Together.”
During this special day, students, teachers, and big number of guests had the chance to see the creative works made by students who took part in workshops. It was a display of talent and innovation that impressed everyone.

But the event wasn’t just about digital literacy. There was also an exciting football3 tournament, where teams showed fair play and teamwork while cheering for each other. It showed how working together and having fun can lead to success.
The “Let’s Win Together” event brought everyone together to celebrate teamwork, creativity, and inclusivity. It proved that when we collaborate, we can overcome challenges and achieve great things.┬áCongratulations┬áto all involved for making it a truly special day!