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Dialect 2 News

If you were to ask us what children are better at or what they enjoy more, the answer we would give you before the start of the project is definitely football.

But what we learned in the previous period and disproved the initial thought is that there is no significant difference between football and digital literacy workshops.

We concluded that children enjoy both phases of the project equally. From the experience we gained in the previous period, it is clear that children have a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills, especially in the field of digital literacy and expression through video content. 

What is particularly important to us and what we are proud of is the development of teamwork skills, emotional intelligence (to learn about their emotions and how to express them as adequately as possible), inclusiveness, responsibility, and critical thinking, both on the pitch and at workshops in the classroom.

At the workshops, we also learned how to create digital content such as videos, blogs, posts, using digital platforms (e.g., online chats). The children learned to use the Internet as a source of information in a positive way, to distinguish fake from real news, and how to verify it. 

Through all these activities, the children acquired not only basic digital literacy skills related to the project, but also in a wider professional and social context.

The combination of football and workshops provides a comprehensive experience that supports the overall development of children by preparing them for the opportunities and challenges that await them in the future.